Sunday, October 26, 2008

Medicine in Media: Airplane!

Everything I learned about proper physician behavior comes from films. Ok, that's a lie. But, a substantial amount can be gleaned by the attentive viewer. In the Medicine in Media spotlight this week, the professionalism of "old-school" physicians is shown through the late 1970s comedy "Airplane!"

There are several important points to watch for:
  • The physician is readily available and does not refuse to serve his patients' needs
  • The physician maintains the patient's modesty at all times by draping a cloth over sensitive areas
  • The physician takes a role in leadership during crises
  • The physician is cool, calm, and collective; his appearance and demeanor make the viewer conclude that this person must be a doctor
  • The physician is the person that all others look to for decision-making
  • The physician is eminently knowledgeable in all areas of medicine.
View some clips from the film below:
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