Friday, May 15, 2009

One Step Solutions (Part 4 of many)

How do you eliminate costs from the healthcare system in One Step™?

Abolish the use of healthcare resources by anyone, punishable by death.

  • If users of healthcare resources are executed by the government, hospital re-admissions will decrease, and Medicare will be happy
  • Everyone who does not receive healthcare is cared for equally, and making sure some people do not receive more healthcare than others is crucial to a just society
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research proves that not a single intervention exists today which prevents mortality over the life of a patient
Why will it happen?
  • A top priority of the government is to decrease healthcare costs
  • The above plan decreases healthcare costs by the maximal amount possible
  • The president's goal that everyone should suffer equal amounts is achieved, as well as his similar goal that those who suffer less than others must be vilified and punished
  • Comparativeness Effectiveness Research is an excellent non-personal means to deny healthcare resources to individuals
I am hopeful that this will come to pass. Finally, healthcare costs will be controlled.

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